Monday, September 21, 2009

I've moved!

This is the new link....

no longer blogspot.. :)

Life in Prahran, Melbourne

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my 1st week of july

sorri for the late updates...

here's a bit of story about my 1st week of july.. might forget some of the ill just write what i've thought of then..

um.. 1st day was like going over to hospital going for medical checkup, and x-ray..unfortunately i was x-ray sigh.. gamma rays.. then get to clinic to get another round of medical checkup and urinal test as finally Pauline n i finish our stuffs at about 2:30pm.. it wasnt a good day actually due to the government's speed in working.

the nex day i get to order my new "pick up stuffs" PC... and im gonna bring it over to aussie for a new start, after my 4 years nobbie is not tat "productive" already.

then get to KL for 5 days... and being able to meet some of my friends there and church mates...
so it was not so a good trip as things were a bit packed, and time was stuffy, not being able to meet all ...and thanks to a special friend for doing the cooking for some of us...
it's been a great meal and im enjoying playing the scum of the earth with u all..lols. and through these 5 days of vacation and rest, i've got my things bought and rdy to pack it soon.. the night before i left, get to go starbucks with edwin, johnson and swee hee...
nightmare comes when i was asked to go for DOTA..its like 2 years din main loh...=.=...

next day, get my trip back to twu..and the next 2 days i got my PC..which is 2day.. is so heavy , like about am i gonna bring it to aussie..wah liu..taking half of my luggage space weh!
"coolermasters" is good but it aint benefiting....

oh then b4 i blog this, my neighbour did some shitty stuffs by burning incense during this midnight hour, filling the neighbourhood with shitty offence but pls dont do this ceremoney or watever rituals during night time bah... it's annoying, irritating, and "SCARY!"
*imagine 4 dogs barking wif diff tones..

and my client's website is almost done soon..pretty much good!....

lastly, night fellas!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the double Ms' disaster

as i woke up this morning... i got 3 sms and 2 calls..

so after cleaning up myself, i just made replies and made phone calls back..and yet it seems like everything is not working..sms not delivered for like few times even if i restarted my phone.. and so calls cant be made as well...checking my unpaid bills it tells me "u are inactive in the maxis network, pls subscribe"=.= wah liu..

so then i call up to their customer care and no replies..wah seh.. charm dou had to go to town and wait there for 30 minutes until my problems got solved...and they told me "my line has been barred"?????? am i doin something wrong till i need to get line barred?or someone intend to steal my network?so geng chao meh their techno, can detect...well then things get sorted out then..

and 2night as im making bookings for malaysia airlines, mastercard cant be used war..puikz!.. takes like 1 hour to load the security i decided to continue with the purchase 2moro with my gf!..actually it's her probs...

tat's y i have 2day's post as double M...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i drop my iPhone


i drop my iPhone 2night...
it's like the 2nd time....
it was not a purposely drop..but accidentally ahhh.........geeez....

PAINFUL..T.T..... >.<

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gr8 day

there's lot of glad things happening yesterday...

as i get to know roy's comin back as well, and got to bring my gf to renew her passport..amazingly we thought it would be like a long hours of waiting session, so in the end it surprises us eventhough there's a lot of bumis'... and we got into our place when we had our number! the fact is nowadays less people renewing their passport due to pricings...

and most of them are foreign workers applying for work it's like we are one of the chinese among 6 more..=.=... so u imagine how chinese hates to go government buildings and instead asking for their "internal affairs" to help out...

i was pretty much enjoying my noontime as my puppy was locked, not being able to kacau me as usual.. and so i surf the net, getting some details and info for my travelling, checking singapore airlines for my fare.. etc..etc etc...

so night time i got up bit late cause i was bit tired, so probably 9:30pm i got to my shower and sam called me, then roy was like... wanna come over for pro evo???
2night's game is quite interesting, average as i get to play a more manually style..instead of semi-auto..

so the score was.... counting by rounds of games..we had like 4 games..

Sam Jason
1. Korea Replubic vs Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 1
2. England vs Manchester United 3 - 2
3. Bayern Munich vs Liverpool FC 0 - 2 *the power of Carslberg!
4. Real Madrid vs Newcastle United 6 - 3

and in between game 1 and 2, roy falls asleep... doinkzzzz..
and so then my night is over when i got my " adidas predator powerswerve TRX FG" from roy... and big thanks to him, it's like my final investment for football boot b4 i retire as a father in coming years....haha..

10 years in football career, big thanks to my previous 2 boots...
1. Mizuno has been old, but well kept.... 7 years
2. Umbro - M.Owen version, going to keep it..... 3 years+
3. Adidas Predator Powerswerve TRX - 1 day......

goodnight fellas!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a fine day

today's chores are much more better...everything not too tense..
as i am free to do what i wanted to, with little bit much of freedom then..

but 1 thing as i do hope, i need the project to be done lahhhh...aduiz..mentioning about this sad dou sei!... everytime got email..sure got delay delay delay..sien dao!

when i got to work like 2 months ago???..first thing i realize that my phone rangs a lot.. a normal rate of 7-10 times per day..for exceptional case i got 25 miss calls b4..before i truly accepted a call..that is so........*dut

and now with the help of "iPhone"... things get easier, even if i have to check up international time and currency exchange rates..etc.... more conveniently done then.. well i supposed i've used up RM30++ for some nice apps.. and today i just got my new iPhone os3.0 updates..and thanks to maxis for the FREE update.. *steve jobs tq too!

things tend to me more tense, when i need to arrange the timings for my accomodation in aussie, and to get to arrange some technical stuffs, getting to which church...more to come..
then things get tense also as i'm havin bit of arguments with gf... but in the end hope it's still being able to be sorted out..

i just hope i really have time to meditate into God's word... time is a bit pack for me..i just wish some ppl wud understand ME lah..aduih... so damn hard to settle a high D person meh..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

im freakin stress it never happens!

the stress lvl had begun from min----MAXIMUM since the moment i got up and till now...

what i have been going through today:

1. woke up with 15 miss calls getting me to BSI for final checking on printings!
issue is : i already plan to go wat for all of u call me so freaking early?cant i just have my sleeps?

2. getting up to there, i was being asked this n that..ok what i do not know is what i am not in charge with!
issue is : i dont have any idea what is happening to typo/body copy content because i am not the one negotiating about it, initially i am not the one talking with the manager about the context! so in the end i do not know how am i supposed to do, because the board of directors insist doing this and the other one insist my head almost got blown off!

3. when i got down, i straight speeding to "wan ling advertising" and to check everything out.
issue is : no current!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!!!

4. when i got home, things feels bit neutral.
issue is : these tiredness and madness has screw my mood for gym sessions!

5. night time when i was reading email from client, damn it..push another WEEK again?
issue is : a month project was to be schedule to be done so i can work on other things, and yet its near to freaking 3 months!!!!! dont think because i charge u cheap then u treat me so! i would have swallow 5k ringgit from ur WALLET! and now i need to wait again??? i need to go AUSSIE SOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i need to complete it fast lah..aiyor!

6. i heard that Aussie's MELBOURNE is in pandemic zone for h1n1...
issue is : why now only being informed? and its like 4th most influenced in the whole world? and its like 2000 cases in melbourne? so its like 90% kena? so i would tell myself once i landed in airport i would go hospital straight? kanasai.......

7. i finish prototype d for projects and no reason for me to take deposite that fast?
issue is : if u wanna give me art direction earlier, then do it when u are briefing me that not ask me to create art direction for u based on what concept u told me lah.. and in the end wasted 3 weeks, and u throw me a name card and say this is art direction..kanasai again! no point!...

8. i wanted to go off to bed earlier and i got myself hurt.
issue is : it's just a BEE stung..... jesus christ!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

just the 2 votes

recently i stop bloggin is to prevent my blog being so empty for certain period of time cause i do have nothing much to blog about...and since my new adventure will begin soon for my final year of degree and guess i have to get back to blogging life....

Time seems to tick kinda fast..and b4 that i was thinking of a long break for myself, getting freelance job, earn big bucks and i did..but it never really shows a proper life...
just recently, got myself a predator powerswerve boot from UK and trying to bring it to melbourne as one of my investment... projects are going to end soon... sri indah projects is going to end this coming wednesday and thank God for all these experiences that i gain...

big thanks to my parents, of course my mentors..uncle aunties.. for their comments..apasal my girlfriend also.... and those who know what im doing..=.='''

i tend to stop working on my portfolio..not knowing what's the reason..doing halfway and it's just hanging there for like 2 weeks! Well at least my life now is better than my previous holidays doing nothing..

Um here's a few things that i've learnt for the past 3 months i fink:

1. get to learn pro evolution for PS2..and yah..kind of cool..
2. get to work on big projects which tremendously helped myself and i should thank those who i need to.. God u're the 1st!
3. get to learn from mentors, dad's business ideas and socializing with more people, getting contacts and share what i've been doing..
4. get closer with my puppy and best thing is it's tryin to make love with me and got me scratches..>.<
5. get to involve in ministry, take up positions to teach as well.
6. get to play restaurant city..(lame dou sei)
7. get to spend more time with pauline, plan our things ahead, look for the future..(eventhough it's the 7th ranking but it doesnt matter cause it's just random..)
8. get to talk more with dad, spending time with mum.
9. get to earn money, and i did it eventually.. quite blessed and i was shock for that...(pls dont ask for meal or wat lar i will auto belan**)..
10. get to do my final plannings on not coming back to twu for good..

and 1 final thing which i dont get is... does Twu ppl seem to discriminate each other's ability/capability to do things? it seems like Twu ppl dont see a multimedia designer as WAOH.. and outside the "tawau" world ppl were like "holly crap u are so amazing..or watever it is.." with the stuffs u did.. and it sounds like a twu guy doesnt look like the guy who produces work for big media comps.... and so and so... nvm lah..lazy to mention about it.. just do not get it why lah..being so naive!

and b4 i close my talk now.. just hope to get in touch with my friends lar..left 1 bulan + only b4 i fly off and leave najib's(fuji park yazip's bro) invasion......

Monday, April 6, 2009

bye blogspot

alright it's time to say bb to blogspot..
and time to start off my working life as a freelancer...with 8 jobs in hands...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a Gorgeous Day

i've jus had my 16th Feb passed with some nice smiles...*winks

and particularly i'm happy with what i had in mind...for the 9 days countdown for the "awake campaign" to launch and..*gulp..hope this really works out..
Finding myself nowadays not used to blogging anymore, got into more fancy stuffs, trying to balance out which is better. Wordpress? or the blogspot? or neither both are good?

Things have work out quite good and 1 more week to go for my internal presentation as well as the launching for the event..kind of stuck in a bit, yet feels that it is going smooth..duh..
juz hope everything gets over fast so i can settle down and get my things done, as what i've missed out 3 years ago..

South Park really amazes me with cartman's juicy brain

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

final few posts

lots of things happened got busy...whew...

i'm gonna close this blog in 2 months time..and finally i've made my decision to get to Australia for my Degree and Master..for 2 years.....
and for those of you who wanted some of stuffs???probably text me then..

Monday, February 2, 2009

juz a post..

happy cny everyone..

i juz got myself a domain for
so upon graduation i will transfer my blogs, my portfolios and my photography blogs into it as well...

getting stress and more stress as i'm working on final project studio and working with United Voice...whew...

Monday, January 5, 2009

a simple new 2009

a HAPPY NEW YEAR to my friends again...

sorri for such not posting anything, because i'm really lazy in doing anything nowadays especially updating blogs...

oh well time passes so fast then and it's 2009, never thought ill be graduating..i was thinking am i the earliest one?among my friends????not inclusive of TOA frens..
Just wish to be able to meet up and have a reunion with my friends again and then ciao...
i'm off to the industry for several months and then head to "wanganui" forever!!!!!!

thx guys for those who made the excitement for the last few days in twu for year 2008!
and DANNY choook! u rock!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tour - The Garden --> The Curve

Alright so this is the starting post for my holidays for the past 2 weeks i suppose..been so busy accompanying my girlfriend, so here is what i have to share then..
briefly explain the summary in the pictures..

Middle of THE GARDEN, nice decorations for Christmas



This is in THE CURVE, middle of the shopping mall as well!

This is how we fight for a big round lolipop



Er..i wonder why Angela shoot the backside for both of us


A bit of maize garden feeling of elephant, nice decorations among all the shopping malls.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

X-Games 20sec

*The final cutting for X-Games 20 seconds promo!

OK for more info or u've missed the previous articles i've wrote about it..refer to here